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I have included some links that may be of[Olive branch] interest to you related to the topics of this site.

  • This website is an ancient Greek exhibit that includes information on the Minoans, Myceneans, and Greek cultures such as the Dorians, Ionians, and the Phoenicians to name a few. It also includes texts in full length of Homer's Illiad and the Odyssey. It includes aspects of ancient Greece's culture and people.

  • This is a definite must see site. It is very creative and displays very nice pictures. It is about ancient Greek cities  but also covers the eras, notable people, art, monuments,  and so forth.

  • This website is about ancient empires and cities. It covers a vast area. It has many categories such as  the Greeks in general, comprehensive sites, art and architecture, the Greek alphabet, Greek women and daily life, education, math and science, wars, and so forth. This is a very informative site.

  • This website explains the daily life in ancient Greece. Topics include Greek families, schools, toys & pets, clothes & hairstyles, Greek houses, weddings, and food.

  • This site includes pictures to illustrate the Greek's three architectural systems with explanations to each. This site also includes links for additional information.

  • This is a nice Web site featuring sculptures of eras with an explanation to them.

  • This site offers a variety of clipart of various cultures.


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